Welcome to the CMC-Firm directory!

In CMC Global, we do identify consultancy firms which have one or more active Certified Management Consultants (CMC) as professionals in their company. Here on this page you can see we made a start as a global organization to welcome them to our community. For us it is highly valued that we embrace those consultancies as supporter of our mission:

To be a leader in the development of management consulting as a global profession that drives social and economic success.

For these companies, and their employees and partners, we want to provide a worldwide community of people who recognize the importance of working together, learning from each other and building relations that can be of great help in addressing customer needs. The growing number of CMC-Firms in the upcoming years will be essential in fulfilling this ambition.

The CMC-Firm Programme provides international recognition and marketing for approved firms that both commit to and are assessed as to providing management consulting services to CMC standards. CMC-Global created and is promoting this global directory of CMC-Firms.

The main areas of Appraisal that CMC-Global looks into are the following:

  1. Commitment of Firm to Professional Code of Conduct
  2. Code of Ethics & professional conduct evidence in Firm processes
  3. Consideration in selecting and hiring new consultants
  4. Use of consultant performance evaluations and reporting by clients
  5. Commitment of Firm to core competencies, skills and tools
  6. Supervision, mentoring and provision of feedback to consultants
  7. Minimum number of CMC’s in the Firm

CMC-Global invites you – as a CMC and/or partner of a non-CMC Firm – to join us in our worldwide community of CMC Firms!
Learn more by visiting: https://www.cmc-global.org/content/cmc-firm