CMC Firms and how working as a CMC on projects is of advantage.
The value of a structured consulting process

Even in the consulting business, which is defined through a project-based environment, there are some tasks and topics which follow predefined processes. Many of this processes don`t create value for the customer (acquisition, defining offers, hiring process, post-acquisition or even some analysis). Each of these processes should be continuously improved to gain more time and resources for the real aim of each customer: To find a solution for their managerial opportunities. Through well-structured operations within a consulting company, it is possible to reach a better customer experience in the different projects. 

We as ROI TEAM CONSULTANT focus on regional small to medium size companies and provide them solutions and not predefined services.

Figure 1: Customer journey ROI TEAM CONSULTANT

The Figure 1 shows that we believe in a transparent, well structured project execution so satisfy our customer with the right solution. This is the base of our efforts and success.
As one of the first CMC firms, we know about our responsibility to grow in an international network of consultants to improve this business. We are still working on our processes to be able to reach a high level of efficiency and fitting with the standards of CMC global.

With the Certification we feel more professional and more self-confident in our daily work, knowing that our consulting process is standardized. We think that this factor reflects to our customers in case of trustful collaborations and a higher degree of motivation for the difficult implementation phase. We believe in a positive synergy effect between us, the CMC global, their members and our customers.

The main advantages out of the certification is in our opinion the higher customer satisfaction and the standardized workflow for younger team members or potential job candidates. It is easier to participate in an existing project, if the project management is on an excellent state.

The certification can be defined as an interaction between the hard facts which are be measured with efficiency and the soft facts, which reflects the synergy, the self-confidence, the customer satisfaction and the increasing motivation.