On 18th July, Management Consulting Committee of China Enterprise Confederation sent ICMCI the application form on behalf of Beijing Jingyi Wanjia Technology Co., Ltd. After receiving the application, ICMCI formed an appraisal committee and initiated the appraisal process immediately. On 3rd September, Mr. Lim Poh Khai arrived in Beijing, and started a two-day appraise process. He interviewed more than 20 employees of our company, and appraised all the system documents. 

After the appraisal process, Mr. Lim gave a high praise to our company, and also gave us many suggestions about how to go international in the coming future. After Mr. Lim returned to Singapore, he submitted his appraisal suggestions to the whole appraisal committee. After that the appraisal committee reached an agreement, and granted our company the CMC-Firm statues officially on 4th October.  On 18th October, during the ICMCI global conference, the former chairman of ICMCI Sorin Caian issued the CMC-Firm certification to Mr. Jian Di (the chairman of Beijing Jingyi Wanjia Technology Co., Ltd).

The reasons why we decided to be a CMC-Firm are as follows:

  1. ICMCI is an international committee combined of management consulting organizations in about 50 countries. It’s also an international organization recognized and registered by the United Nations. Almost all the countries with mature management consulting experience are members of ICMCI.
  2. The OBOR (ONE BELT AND ONE ROAD) strategy accelerated the internationalization of China, and the development of economy will boost the output of management theory. Our company created a theory system and has shown it in international platform. Therefore, we decided to be international and service our clients with wider vision. 
  3. Being an CMC-Firm, means that our company has a high level of management consulting quality and internationally recognized management philosophy and experience. It’s also a guarantee for our company to construct brand and development market.