Utilizing the CMC Global Directory has significant business advantages permitting a timely creation of an international team of highly qualified business consultants with consistent process capabilities and qualifications. The local culture advantage delivers instant credibility for change management, and often provides high level relationships within government agencies. The competitive advantage to the client is delivering subject matter expertise with local international consultants and access to a larger talent pool of local specialists as required.

The CMC connections have been invaluable to my company in competing on international project bids, and delivering local projects.

  • Highly qualified (CMC) engagement team.
  • Instant local credibility.
  • Consistent (CMC) process consulting delivery. 
  • Local knowledge and government connections.
  • Local presence minimizing travel complications and cost.
  • Local CMC’s have established connections to local specialists such as training, coaching, IT skills.
  • Additional local marketing opportunities”.

Dennis Sampson