Firm office address
Telephone Number: 
Firm name: 
Team International Amman
Date of Foundation (firm legal status): 
January, 1988
Type of Firm: 
Limited laibility LL
Supporting Staff: 
Does the Firm have a regional or a branch structure? (Specify): 
Firm President: 
Dr.Maqbouleh Hammoudeh / General Manager and owner
President Email: 
Firm Executive Director: 
Maqbouleh Hammoudeh
Executive Director Email: 
Head of HR: 
Ms. Soheir Farah
Head of HR Email: 
Does the Firm contract freelance consultants?: 
Criteria for selection: 
Experience, qualification , maturity
Does the Firm have Consultants on staff who are CMCs ?: 
Please advise number: 
Does the Firm have a training and a development program with supporting activities? E.g. seminars, conferences, workshops…etc. (: 
Type of activity with full details: 
Organizational development, H R .development and systems, Feasibility Studies, Marketing, Quality Management systems, quality standards (ISO9001,14001,..) business development and strategic planning
A Management Consultant: 
who help enterprises to acheive their objectives, put the right solutions for any problen within his knowledge and skills, make difference for growth , leave the implementation to the client
A Certified Management Consultant: 
he is committed with the code of ethics, have trust from clients , qualified ,has knowledge and skills , he can make differens towards solvinf problems and improve the organizational environment
Type of Clients: 
All kind of industrial companies, services companies , public and private sectors
Does the firm have a code of professional conduct, or ethics?: 
Upload document outlining the code: 
Are there complaints and disciplinary procedures in existence to support the code?: 
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Have these procedures ever been employed?: 
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